Therapy intensives for relationship counseling and EMDR

Two to four hours

Couple/Marital Intensives:

Designed for couples who are experiencing conflict in their relationships and who would benefit from a more in-depth approach than can be achieved from a typical 50-minute therapy session. During the couple intensive, Dr. Reed strives to assess the presenting issue(s), locate dysfunctional patterns, and present each couple with practical beginning tools that they can use for success. Each couple intensive is different, as it is tailored to the presenting issues of the couple being treated. Concerns that are typically targeted in a couple intensive include communication, trust, intimacy, infidelity, anger management, conflict resolution, parenting, and partner styles and habits.

Some couples find that all they need is one or two therapy intensives to get on track toward their goals. And, others begin their healing journey with a therapy intensive and then go on to participate in regular 50-minute couple sessions scheduled during the week.

Couple/Marital intensives include:

1. Relationship problems assessment
2. Identify treatment goals & targets impacting change
3. Identification of thoughts, beliefs, and distortions
4. Generating alternative viewpoints
5. Behavioral interventions and problems solving
6. Principles of effective communication
7. Conflict resolution and anger control
8. Self and partner validation
9. Strengths assessment
10. Forgiveness

EMDR/Trauma Intensives:

This type of intensive is not for everyone. It is primarily for individuals who have been assessed for EMDR readiness and would like to work through targets in a more accelerated and comprehensive manner than is possible in a 50 minute session.

EMDR/Trauma intensives include:

1. Psychological/health assessment
2. Psychoeducation on EMDR/trauma/anxiety
3. Identify treatment goals & targets impacting change
4. Introduction of techniques for management of anxiety/trauma
5. Process triggers
6. Development of individual coping skills and life goals