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Holistic Therapy

Dwan Milam-Reed, PhD, LCSW-S, LICSW

What Does Holistic Therapy Include?

Our job is to help you find balance and satisfaction in life. Holistic therapy is not a one-size-fits-all approach, rather an umbrella term where we will pick and choose the best treatment plans for you.

We use a variety of approaches to therapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy, intergenerational family therapy (Bowen), Eye movement and desensitization therapy (EMDR), narrative therapy, solution-focused therapy, Ecotherapy and family systems therapy.

Below are some of the things we may speak about in counseling:

  1. How we can look at cognitive function to improve your mood.
  2. We may examine how food nourishes your brain, mind, & emotions and give you a list of brain-healthy foods to try. Our approach supports the brain and the gut.
  3. Learning how to build healthier relationships.
  4. Understanding good self-esteem and relationships are critical to a happy life.
  5. We’ll talk about how your mind/body/soul work together.
  6. Knowing the importance of getting your body moving.
  7. We may speak about how stress leads to inflammation and depression, and self-medication.
  8. We will work with you on building coping skills.